Absorbent Booms 3 x 4 Sock Type 12/Case

Absorbent Booms 3 x 4 Sock Type 12/Case
Absorbant, Booms--3 X 4 (Sock Type) 12/Cs
• Dependable, flexible tubes that contain and absorb liquids
• SOCs are wringable and incinerable
• SOCs mold around corners and conform to uneven surfaces to prevent and soak up spills and drips, contributing to cleaner and safer work environments
• Suitable for major industries, including chemical plants, heavy and light manufacturing, transportation, printing and public utilities
• Slikwik® - Corncob-filled for extremely flexible use around tight corners and into odd spaces
• Oil Only - For oil and petroleum-based spills, will not absorb water or water-based solutions
• Hazwik® - Excellent choice where chemical resistance is critical and excellent performance against aggressive fluids is required
• Allwik® - An all-purpose maintenance SOC with moderate chemical resistance makes it suitable for most industrial applications
• Available in a variety of types and sizes, so the one you choose will be just right for your application
UOM: Case
Manufacturer: SpillTech Environmental

Price: $27.50
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