7' Adhesive Zippers 2/Box

7' Adhesive Zippers 2/Box
Makes an easy doorway through plastic barriers

Designed by the manufacturers of the award-winning ZipWall® dust barrier systems, this accessory:
has the smoothest glide available;
is engineered with large sturdy easy-slide teeth;
is made with 2-sided pulls for easy entry/exit to or from the barrier;
is manufactured with heavy duty materials for strength and durability.

Each box contains:
Two 7-foot self-adhesive zippers
Two tie strings to support openings
Instruction sheet

How To Use the ZipWall Zipper

After the ZipWall® barrier system is constructed, determine where you want the doorway opening to be.

Be sure the plastic or barrier material is clean. Hold the Zipper up to the plastic to determine where you want it. The pulls should be at the bottom! Be sure the entire length of the zipper has plastic to stick to. Then start to peel the paper from the back of the zipper at the top and begin to press the zipper onto the plastic.

Remove the paper as you press the zipper onto the plastic. Remember to keep it as straight as possible. At the bottom of the zipper, separate the two sides of the zipper to be sure both pulls are free of the adhesive. The inside pull should not be stuck to the zipper.

Carefully unzip the zipper completely, Then, using the opening as a guide, cut the plastic to make the doorway.

Now that the zipper is open and the plastic is cut, run your fingers up and down the plastic and the zipper to ensure a tight bond. If possible, allow a few minutes for the adhesive to set before zipping it back together.

For a wide doorway, install another zipper on the plastic as far away from the first zipper as you want the opening to be. After both zippers are installed and opened, use the enclosed string to tie up the loose plastic at the top of the doorway.

Works best in temperatures above freezing.

UOM: Box
Manufacturer: Zipwall

Price: $15.75
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